Saturday, 16 June 2012

Welcome to Healthy Baby Recipes

Healthy Baby Recipes is about the food I cook for my baby girl. Most of all in life I want my baby to have a healthy diet and appreciation for food. I believe that this can be achieved by exposure to as many types of food as she can fit in her mouth from an early age. I make sure that all of those foods are as tasty and nutritious as possible in the hope that good eating will become common sense. I have set myself a serious challenge and I plan to battle the biggest advertisers and Americanised habitual eating habits that plague our children in this new century.

My plan is to feed her the best and try and build up a portfolio of tastes and textures that she loves really early om. My partner and I chose 'Baby led weaning', the technique is great and a must for all parents who want their babies to eat well. This means no puree's, no hassle, whole foods, its a hell of a lot of fun too as you should see her little face when she tucks into a plate of food.. I love it! 

As a parent I am highly motivated by doing the best I can for my baby. This means that every mouthful has to be as nutritious and healthy as it can. I buy my vegetables locally and in season so that the minimal degradation in nutritional value has occurred - vegetables that travel miles and miles or are picked early to survive long journeys do not have the same nutritional value as something picked locally at the height of ripeness. Buying in season means tastier, healthier, oh... And cheaper food!! I grow a few items in my back garden too, occasionally you'll see me use them, especially fresh herbs!

I cook and eat seasonally, organic when I can. Most of the food I feed my little girl is Organic (her formula always is!). Whatever you think about Organic food my principle is this, if you were able to prevent unnecessary chemicals being put in your baby would you?? If the answer is yes, then follow this blog as I try and teach my beautiful little girl about food from the earliest stages of babyhood, in fact all the way through her childhood.

One 'no no' in baby food is Salt. Its simply no good for babies or small children. The reason is simple, salt is quite hard to process and babies little kidneys are unable to deal with it. My problem is this, I love Salt! Salt is flavour, so my mission is to pack flavour into her food without using Salt or anything that may harm her growing body.

At the time of starting this blog my little girl is nearly 8 months and we have been giving her whole foods (in accordance with Baby led Weaning' since she was 6 months. In the last month and half she has taken off and loves her food (you really have to try baby led weaning it so works!!).

So, if you love feeding your baby with fantastic and nutritious food and you want to make every meal time an experience and fun, take up baby led weaning and cook a few of these recipes. Every recipe is baby tested!

.... Oh and one final note, although most of the pics of the food are displayed whole, I will make sure that food such as mashes are cool enough for baby to eat and larger items are the size that will fit in her hand.

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