Sunday, 15 July 2012

Spelt Pancakes with Strawberry and Raspberry - Healthy Baby Recipes

During the weekend you just have a little more time to well, take your time. I like nothing more than to take my time to cook and eat. That means starting the day with something delicious. When Strawberries and Raspberries are at their best in early summer this is a great dish to do.This recipe is the for 3, 2 adults and one baby.

Pancakes with Strawberries and Raspberries

85g White Spelt flour
85g Wholemeal Spelt flour
1 1/2 tsp Baking powder
Pinch of Sea Salt (Maldon Sea Salt is the best)
1 Tbsp Vanilla Sugar (or normal sugar)
200ml Semi-skimmed Milk
Tsp Rapeseed Oil
2 Large Egg whites

Place your flours and baking powder in one bowl. Next add your milk and oil to the mix and stir thoroughly (I used a whisk).

In a separate bowl place your egg whites, whisk up to a stiff peak.

To make babies portion I took 2 Tbsp of the flour mix and placed them in a separate bowl, next take two spoons of the egg whites and gently fold in.

For the adults version (once babies has been made and set aside) simply add a good pinch (a punch) of salt and stir in. Repeat as you did the babies, gently folding in the egg whites to the flour mix. Pancake batter made!

To cook take a good non-stick frying pan and heat up a little Rapeseed Oil. Take Tbsp's of the mix and fry on a medium high heat- leave a little room on the pan, I cooked 4 at a time but do as many as your comfortable with. When brown on the first side, flip (use a pallet knife or something similar).

When cooked, place on a tray and keep warm in the oven, repeat until all of the batter has been turned into pancakes (make sure that you keep babies separate).

For the filling and yoghurt

Large bowl of Strawberries
Punnet of Raspberries
Tbsp Vanilla Sugar

Tub of Yoghurt
Tbsp Vanilla Sugar
Cap of Vanilla Extract

Slice your Strawberries and Raspberries and place in a bowl, add the Vanilla sugar and stir. The sugar will help the fruits release their juice. To make the yoghurt simply stir all of the ingredients together and refrigerate until ready.

My thoughts on sugar - Sugar is widely perceived to be the enemy. Personally I think that in cases like this (reducing the sourness of yoghurt or as an ingredient in the pancakes or fruit) it's OK. Its not something you wold feed to baby everyday but OK every now and then.

Once your pancakes are all cooked and your Strawberry and Raspberry fruits ready its time to plate up. I stacked babies pancakes like in the image, pancake, then a little yoghurt, then fruit, then repeat. I then cut them into quarters and let her tuck in. For adults you can simply place them in the centre of the table and dig in!

Prepare yourself these are addictive!! This recipe has the potential to become a Sunday morning ritual!

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