Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pork, Marjoram and Vegetable Sausages - Healthy Baby Recipes

Protein is a little tricky to get into my little one, especially chicken and pork meat. She's just not sure about them yet. One thing I know that she does like is vegetables, especially green vegetables. So, I came up with this little recipe. Of course sausages are processed meats, so you need to make sure that you buy the best, of course organic but also really high levels of meat content (feed processed meats to baby rarely). The sausage I used was a 95% meat and wasn't to heavy on the seasoning (the veggies in sausage reduce the seasoning in the overall finished dish).

Pork, Marjoram and Vegetable Sausages

1 really high quality Sausage (Organic, lightly seasoned if at all)
1 Tbsp fresh peas
Small Handful of Fresh Marjoram (use any herb if you haven't got Marjoram)
Few leaves of Spinach
Black Pepper
Rapeseed Oil
Slice of Stale bread (fresh is fine too)

Take your sausage and split the skin, put it into a small bowl and using a fork break it up a little. Chop some Spinach and Marjoram and add to the sausage. Next add your peas, a little grind of Black Pepper and stir until completely mixed.

Take your bread, stale is better because it makes the finished sausage crispier. And chop into bread crumbs, place on a plate.

The sausage and vegetable mixture makes up three sausages, simply divide into three and roll in your hands into a small baby hand sized sausage. Roll in the bread crumbs and that's it. If you can make these ahead because a little time in the fridge will help the sausage to hold together better when you are cooking it.

To cook, use a little Rapeseed Oil (I love to fry in Rapeseed Oil, its burn point is much higher than Olive Oil and it contains bundles of Omega 3 and 6) and cook until brown on all sides.

Lovely way of using sausage (and reducing the seasoning by adding to them). Bread crumbing is a great way to introduce new foods too, they love it!

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