Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Coley with Spring Vegetables - Healthy Baby Recipes

When you get fresh fish you want to eat it quick. Coley is one of those fishes. It has to be eaten as soon as you get it or the flavour quickly becomes poor. I stumbled upon some of this very underused fish and had to buy it, if I was going to eat it so was the baby!!

Coley with Spring Vegetables

Two ends of a Coley fillet (when your cooking it for yourself its easy just to chop a little bit extra off for baby!!)
1 New Potato
2 pods of Broad Beans
4 or 5 pods of Peas
Few leaves of Mint
Little squeeze of Lemon Juice
Rapeseed Oil
Black Pepper

Put some hot water from the kettle into a frying pan and, slice your potato and get that cooking. The potato should take 5 minutes or so. Shell your broad beans and peas and with 2 minutes to go (when the potatoes are cooked) add the broad beans, with 1 minute to go add the peas. Once cooked, drain and add some Black Pepper, Lemon juice, a little Rapeseed Oil and some chopped Mint.

Quick note - I took the pic before she started eating it, however she did struggle with the Broad Beans, to get over this problem simply shell the Broad Beans again, she loved them then!

Check the fish over for bones (sometimes the end of fillet can have a few stray bones in). Season the fish fillet with Black Pepper and fry skin side down in a little Rapeseed Oil. I fried the fish quite hard for 3 or 4 minutes (skin side down), then turned off the heat (then turned thr fish to flesh side down) and allowed the fish to cook through with just the heat of the pan. Make sure the fish is cooked though, it should be white and flaky, no pinkness.

Chop the fish up into baby hand sized pieces and make sure that any big pieces of potato are cut up to.

Bursting with vitamins this is a great and healthy baby recipe!

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