Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stuffed Tomato – Healthy Baby Recipes

So, it was Saturday night and I was making homemade burgers for a satisfying night in.. I had beef mince, cheese, tomatoes etc, so I came up with this recipe for the little one. Just a quick note, it takes ages to cool down, so watch out for the heat when you serve it!!

Stuffed Tomato

1 Large Tomato
2 Tbsp Beef Mince
1 Tbsp Breadcrumbs
1 Shallot
¼ Tsp Cumin Seeds
Thumb sized piece of Cheddar (cubed)
Small bunch of Parsley
Few leaves of Rosemary  
Black Pepper
Rapeseed Oil

Get the oven on to 220 degree’s

Firstly using a sharp knife cut the top of the Tomato, try to cut at an angle (into the Tomato) and keep the lid or top part of the tomato whole. Using a teaspoon, gently scoop out the middle of the Tomato leaving enough walls in the Tomato to remain whole, but taking out enough of the tomato that you can get plenty of filling in (reserve the Tomato that you have scooped out). Brush the inside of the Tomato with Rapeseed Oil then season with Black Pepper and also add some chopped Rosemary.  Place on an oiled tray and bake for 10 minutes.

Whilst the Tomato is cooking, fry off the Beef Mince in a little Rapeseed Oil. When the mince has a little colour on it place it in a bowl and reserve. Next fry the shallot gently until it becomes translucent and sweet then add the breadcrumbs and cumin seeds and gently fry along with reserved (and chopped) centres of the Tomato.

Add all of the cooked ingredients along with chopped Parsley to a bowl and allow cooling until the Tomato is cooked. When it is add the cubed cheese to the mix and season with a little more Black Pepper (taste). Using a teaspoon fill the Tomato to the top compressing the filling in (gently try not to tear the now softer Tomato). Fill to the top and then place the lid back on the Tomato and bake for a further 5 minutes. Take out of the oven and allow to cool (this could take a while).

To serve chop into manageable portions and let then at it.. Little bit of fuss, but a really tasty dinner for the little one! (Remember it takes ages to cool down!)

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